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Managing Director Letter

It gives me great pleasure and satisfaction to review the achievements and performance of the entire Al Madar organization where each and every department, division, and all subsidiaries companies have been successfully contributing towards the continued development and overall growth of the Al Madar Holding.
Now with diversified activities such as International Master Plan Developments, Real Estate, Contracting, Engineering, Trade, Transportation, Metal works, Carpentry, Decoration, and Property Developments & Investments we are always in the pursuit of absolute perfection and excellence in our organization and we continue to review and examine new businesses and opportunities.
We are fully aware that continued financial investment is essential to moving forward and with this in mind, over the years we have been constantly improving our infrastructure by opening various premises and manufacturing workshops, showrooms, and offices throughout the region to continue to support our activities and ensure that our high professional levels of service are maintained.
We know we are on the edge of a new era of economical rise in the region. However we are certainly not overconfident, we realize this can only be achieved through vast effort, commitments and integrity. Combining these strong fundamentals in our business strategies, makes us always ready willing and able to face challenges as a learning experience opportunity, and look forward to the future with optimism and energy.
Thank You
Eng. Haider Mashhadi
Engineer Haider Abdul Reda Mashhadi
Finished his study from the University of Dortmund – Germany in 1991 in the specialty of architectural engineering, He started with Belvinger German Company before joining the architectural division of the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Agriculture, where he worked as a Project Coordinator. Later, Engineer Mashhadi became VICE Chairman of Al Madar Holding